Friday, November 5, 2010


On the last week of school, I went to a tangi up north in Waima so I couldn't come to school for a week because my Uncle passed away. My mum told me to choose where I will be when we go up to the Marae. I had to choose out of the Kitchen or Marae to listen to the Kaia Korero. My choice was in the Kitchen because I like to do the dishes.

Once we got up north, we were all standing at the back of the coffin because when we go inside the coffin needs to be down on the mat. Well we were waiting the Kai karanga came out to welcome us in. We got in and went in a line and waited for the whanau to hongi the rest of our whanau that were there. When it started to get dark I went to the kitchen to see if my mum wanted help. She said no so I went to my Cousin Ronnie to see what she was doing. She was playing handball with Jahmon and Desman my other Cousins. Soon we got bored then we went in the Marae. It was 11:37 and it got darker. I only had half an hour to sleep.

The next day was cool till it hit dark at dark time on Tuesday because we had to toetoko my uncle. We use a stick made with patterns on it. It was special, that was the night I got heaps of sleep because I didn't want to speak but that night I had to speak, I woke up in the middle of the night because my cousin Wayne that teached our Kapa haka group done a haka and he woke heaps of people up with his amazing performance. Then I crashed out when he finished.

Then it was Wednesday, Wednesday was the sad day because that was the day we had to burie my Uncle it was a emotional moment to see him get buried when we went to the simatere I was starting to get happy because my Papa was there there is a photo of him at Tamaki Collage next to the P.E hall well he was there i hadn't seen him for ages. Well all that was over we went back to the Marae it was dark it was cool because everyone went to set up the Kitchen for the people who wanted to have a drink we had Hangi for our Kai it was delicious that night was just getting started well everyone was in the Marae I called them in for a feed My mum was out side in the car she needed a break so I took over Everyone came in and I waited for everyone to have a feed because I was on dishes there were heaps of dishes and My cousin said 'I wouldn't want to be in your spot right now' I didn't mind it was awesome I just didn't have a feed when that was all done my aunty give me some lollies for doing the dishes for everyone I was the only one there most of the Adults were drinking soon I went into the marae and played with my cousins and stayed up all night till we had to go home on the next day and that was my Holiday.

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