Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our First Time Trying Our Netbooks...

Yay!!! We Fianlly got our Netbooks we just got them on tuesday and we have been using them for about 2 days now so I'm Glad. I'm So Happy to Have A Netbook and its great because we get to work on it More offen. I Like to Thank Mrs and Mr Burt for all there help to get these Netbooks we a so grateful so Thank you we a Happy to Have yous as our Teachers and Princpal.

I like these Netbooks because their Small and Way better so we can use these and take them Home next year , thats going to be exicting and I can't wait. Now we get to post more Offen as well as chating to other People like Best Friends as well as Draftwriting on our Google Docs.

I'm Proud that we have our Netbooks and can't wait till next year so we can take them home...

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