Friday, November 26, 2010

Athletics Recount...
Wow!!!! Athletics was awesome we had a great time and this year was one of my best years hope its much more better next year.

On Wednesday the 10Th of November we had Athletics our first activity was softball throw I ended up looking for a hat so i missed out on softball throws but I tried Shoot put it was my turn and I didn’t make it in but that’s OK because after that we moved on to High Jump.

Finally High Jump I was Happy because that was my favorite activity out of all the activity's that we done that day. It was my turn and I tired hard and harder to get into the final 3 well I was happy because I had done better then I had when I was practising I had kept on knocking over the pole. But when I had Jumped I had a lot of encouragement and strength to get over to the other side of the pole. Soon I had made it in to the finals, !!! Ya!!! 2Nd equal with Victoria I was amazed and I enjoyed it a lot. Moving on to Spirits.

Whoop Whoop!!!! Spirits finally we a doing spirits I said, we lined up heading towards the tracks for us to race on we sat down then got put into spots on the tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 We got ready and the clapper went off, off we go just hit the finish line woo that was tough I was hoping to get into the finals. It was our next race I got up and got ready to race again this time I was happy because I came 4Th or 3Nd Because I came one of those I was in the Finals again just like last year.

We finished we had morning tea and after morning tea we headed straight to Javelin the 12 year old’s started first I was 2Nd in line Yeah my turn was up I got up got ready and throw the Javelin I came 1st then Gabby came 2Nd and Victoria came 3Nd about 20 minutes later we had a challenge and I went up to challenge the rest of the girls This time I came 2Nd it was OK unless I didn't go to the back of the line and come 5Th. Soon we finished.

We went straight to Discus when It was getting to me I didn’t come anything but I didn't mine.
When we finished we had lunch and it was exciting because we had the finals for spirits and relays I was in the Spirits we raced twice on the first race I walked on the second race I had came 4Th that was better than coming last twice in a row. Ya!!! The Relays were coming up this is the best part because we earn more points for our group. When they got ready to race the teachers came to race as well it was funny takitimu was winning at first and our group ended up racing the teachers some fell over. Well that my day and I had a great day.

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