Friday, September 3, 2010

Life Eduction...

In the Life Eduction caravan Room 20 had to do a play a few weeks later before we started to go to life eduction caravan.We learnt about, Making the right choices and how to keep of bodies nice and Safe the main thing we learnt about how drugs can affect your body and how they can be harmful to you.

A few weeks later Mrs Nua said to us "We could make a movie'' instead of writing a letter to your parents and tell them how bad smoking is. I decided to make a movie with my group, in my group was Reina, Te rangimaria, Victoria and Me.

Our movie is called The YUCK things about smoking. Our Class were doing a play about Smoking we had done a great play and put it into a movie. Lynn was amazing because she teached us about what happens in life and what might be amazing in the future.

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