Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Micheal Jackson...

Michael Jackson was the King of pop. He was the best pop dancer and singer, no one could take over his moves he sang,The way you make me feel, Beat it, Black or white, You a not alone, We a the world, Heal the world, Bad, Thriller, Remember the time, Earth song.He was a great singer i liked the way he does the Moon walk. When my cos Sunday was doing the Moon walk i started to do it. Michael Jackson was the greatest pop singer and he was really great.The way Michael Jackson does his moves was amazing he was the man at pop he is the greatest. But it was really sad when Michael Jackson pass away he was a great person.The best song i liked that he sang was ''The way you make me feel''. I hope nothing happens after what just happened.


  1. Hi Reina,
    Its Angela and Ala here we were just scrolling through your blog until we saw this post that captured our eyes it was the Michael Jackson one we really liked it. Our favourite bit was when you explaid your favourite songs and your fellings about hoiw Michael Jackson. Well thats all we have for Bye!!!

  2. Yes Michael Jacson was the king of pop. Those are my favourite songs to but my most favourite is you a not alone.

  3. True Reina he was the king of pop everybody loved his moves just like tanielu and his group at sunday school they did a dance to thriller I commentedf on his video clip they had some grovy moves Those were some of my favourite songs is well son congrats to that thats all i have so kakitea oh wait you have a very cool skin for you blog page soo cool catch you later alergater

  4. Hi reina

    That was a great story you wrote. Michael jacson was the best singer out of the whole wide world.My best song is you a not alone

    From Destiny & jessica

  5. Hey reina

    That was a great story you wrote. It is sad cause he's gone but at least he is in your heart, maybe. The song i like is they don't care about us. see you soon and bye