Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The topic of Stegosaurus...

A Stegosaurus is a roofed lizard and it was a plant eater.It walked on four legs but its back legs were as twice as longer then its front legs.Its "Length"was:"(30 Feet long)and its"Height"was:(9 Feet tall)and its"Weight"was:(4-6 tons).It had plates on its back that were not attached to his bones it also had 17 bony plates on each side and it had spikes on its tail to us as a weapon. It also was well behaved and it had a tiny brain like a ware nut. It moved very slow. In stead of running away from its home it stayed in one place and defend itself from against attackers. It died out when there was no water and to much walking and fell to the ground and got extincted.

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