Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cross Country...

At lunchtime we had cross country As we lined up i was freaked out i didn't want to race 
because i was scared that i would come last i was anxiously waiting for Mr Burt to clap the clapper togetter i was fulled with excitment. Suddenly Mr Burt hit the clappers togetter i burst with speed trying to power ahead to get to the front. My body was painful,my heart was pounding and i needed some water. My muscles were straining and my lungs were screaming. I was so sore that i had to slow down. When i past the teacher in room 2 she was cheering for the girls and the boys, and telling us to run or she will run with us she said '' come on you guys or i will run with you all''. So i ran with my friend Maree and Rachel i past Ms Katu and then i past Ms Telea i rushed to the end. I felt like i was so sucked up for myself that i came last but that was ok because i wanted to try it and see how it felt but it was pretty cool. 


  1. Hi Reina!
    That was a really cool story you wrote. In my race I felt painful as well. I'm glad I saw your Cross Countery post. I'm sorry this is small.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. I remember that when you came last and I was happy that you did it YOU GO GURL!!!!!