Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camp Aratika...

On wednesday morning it was the year 5 & 6's camp.The year 5 & 6's had to come to school at
8:00am we were putting the school tents up on our school field.we camped for three
days.My friend Mauina came with me to see Wheae Raewyn my old friends were there,there was Rachel and Shaniah.We helped whaea Raewyn break the wood for the fire.The second bell
rang and we went to our groups.

Our first event
was Mosaic and we lined up into two straight lines and walk to Room 2.Next we each got on
table to sit on.I did to pattens at mosaic but the second patten i had to fill in the gabs then mauina and i were the only kids that were in the class cause we were the last ones to finish.

The second event
was camp cooking we sat down so we can listen to whaea Raewyn.First we had a piece of dough and raisins and we had to stick it on the bambooand we cooked it on the fire so we can eat it.So i went to whaea Raewyn to see if it was cooked she said it was cooked so i ate it.It tasted so nice.Then care crew all got a marshmallos.

Our next event
was going canoning with MrBurt first we went to the beach and talked and then we got a lifejacket on and got a canoe.Some people went on the boat I was freaked out on the canoe and I wanted to go back but I still went.

The next thing we
did was swimming and it was cool me,Ala and Angela wanted to jump inside the pool and
have some fun I went under and hunt my head on the ground and care crew were the last one to
stay in the pool which was Ala,Angela,me,some of the girls and boys.

After swimming
we had a movie we went to our tents and put our P.js on.And we went to the hall and watched
a movie.But we had alreadly watch it so we were getting bored so some of us layed down.
When the movie was finished we had to go to our tents and go to sleep and we all said goodnight to the teacher.

The next day we went rock climbing when we went rock climbing it was my first time.I was excited that i could wait to go on.But first i had to concentrate and listen to the instructor
so i know what i was doing.So when she was finished care crew had to put on these things that
you wear on your waist and your thigst.

After that we did
Ten pin bowling and it was cool just like rock climbing cause there was games and they were
cool as games but first we had to do bowling and i was in lane 12 but i was the last one on the
list but i still had fun.When we were finish we played some games but then we had to come by
the leaders and do our dance and singing it was boreing i didn't what to do it but we had to.

After that well i will skip this
and get on with swimarama first we had to line up and sit on the grass.Two groups go down on the side the rest of the groups go inside the pool.When we went and had a swim it was cool
but it was the last day of camp.But next we went down the Hydroslide and that was my first
time and i liked it and it was patch black and i went down 6 times and that was we went back
By Reina Davis Cassidy... 

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  1. Did you like camp but what was your best part of your part .By Casey