Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My friend Julie

My friend Julie she is sweet, nice and kind and all the classes I've been in, she was in the same class too. She was at this school before me but when I first came here she was the first friend I had and we were in Room 5 together then we were in Room 9. We sat at the same table in room 9 then we went to room 10. After that I left the school and I didn't come back until 1 year later.

When I came back and I was in room 16 and in two days I saw Julie and we were friends again. Then the next year she was in the same class as me again, but then she left the school so now I was friends with Ala and it was the end...

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  1. Hi Reina
    I know it has been hard for you with having your best friend leave school and go to a different school. I am so glad you have made some new frinds.
    Ms Squires