Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Immersion Assembly...

Its term 2 the first day of school we were all going to assembly.Rm 15 walked to the hall and
sat downand found out that we were study about Dinosaurs and our topic was about Dino-
might.But first we were wondering where Mr.Burt was.Then he was running though the door
very fast.He started to hit kids with his bomby knocker.He was just playing because he was
dressed up as a cave man.He whacked Toreka and then hit Feki and pulled him to the front of
assembly.Then he said "I need two more people and he grabed Tyler.R and he pulled him to the front of the hall.The who pulled him to the front of the hall his name was Cracker the Caveman.
He was funny and looked just like a cave man but he was Mr Burt dressed up like a cave man.

But next team 1 was coming
up in front of the hall and doing their thing which was saying we are not excit (yet) then
Miss Wide though her slipper.

Next was team 2
They did a Rip about Dinosaurs it was all sorts of Dinosaurs and we were all laughing at
but it was cool and funny.

After that it was team -
3 and they were looking for bones just like Paleontologists.They were asking kids if they have
seen Dinosaur bones.

After that it was team-
4 there one was reading about Dinosaurs but they fell asleep and they were all in the world
of Dinosaurs and Ms,Squires,Ms,Noa,Ms,King,Mr,Plamer.

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