Monday, March 2, 2009

At our first test...

On Monday after morning tea we had our test. First we had to get a chair and a pencil and we lined up outside to walk with Room 18 to the hall.

I was frightened of what we were doing because I was scared like there was rats walking up my shirt, well it has happened once and it was like fish flipping down my pants. It was like some people were
going to puke on the test. But when I started it wasn't hard after all it was cool and not hard.


  1. Hey Reina

    That was a cool story you wrote about your first test.
    I really liked it when you said ''It was like rats walking up my shirt''

    well done Reina

    your sincerely Jarna

  2. HEY Reina i really liked your story about the test it sounds really cool and you really worked hard to put specific words and specific words can make your writing sound much better. HHMMM fish down my pants and rats up my t-shirt yuck!!! KEEP IT UP REINA SEE YA!!!