Monday, February 16, 2009

In the holidays I went to this lady's house who's name was Karen. She had a pool at her house and her pool was deep down to the ground. I had a long swim and I dived in the water from up on the balcony. Then I got dressed to go and see the birds. After that I played on the trampoline...

The next day I went back home and went to Kairas house and took some clothes and shoes over to her house to her house for her step daughter because it is her step daughter's birthday.Then her step mum asked if I can stay for the night...

On Sunday we had a wedding and I was are flower girl for my aunty's wedding. I was the first one to walk in then the rest came .We did it at Parakai springs


  1. Hi Reina,
    It sounds like you had a great holiday! Were you scared diving in a deep pool? You must be a good swimmer. Keep up the great writing.

    Miss Lavakula

  2. I wasn't Scared but i liked it so much that i did a big dive in the that i hit my knee on the ground down the bottom of the pool...

  3. Hi Reina!
    Sounds like you had a great time in the holidays.That was very brave of you to jump of the warf!I am never jumping any where too high for me!


  4. Hi Reina

    cool story can you tell me what beach you went
    to?well i am going to go now...