Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuakana Teina

It is time for Tuakana Teina Every Tuesday I am excited because we have Tuakana Teina which is looking after little kids and we a all in groups we help the kids save there work and how to draw.

We all ran to our class rooms that we were in and sat on a computer to wait till the Little kids a told to come to a computer so we could work with them. We went on kid picks and we told them to draw a Volcano with lava coming out. I had a little girl called Eliza she was a good artist she put a lot of effort in her work. It was creative and The teacher said "WOW'' that looks amazing''.

Soon we had saved it in desktop and went straight to the music room.

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  1. Hey reina
    Cool work. It was really cool to teach the little kids what to do and stuff. You had a really smart partner I see. Looking forward to your next peice of writing.Great peice!
    Helen Tui