Friday, May 21, 2010

Rugby against Year 6 boys


On Friday last week we were challenging the year 6's at Rugby we were in class soon we all had our gear ready and went straight to the hall for a quick warm up. Soon we rushed out and had a chat about what to do when they have the ball.

Finally we saw the year 6 boys come out and went and had there chat with Miss,V we all got set up on the field then we !!!STARTED!!! they took kick off we caught the ball and ran it was amazing we had a great time. But we left the ball and they got it that was not suppose to happen because someone didn't get the ball they left it and the other team got it. They were really good and when we had it we mostly got tackled that was really funny cause we think it was just a game. We went to go and tackle them but they though it and one of the boys caught it and ran though the gap because no one was there we were on the other side of the field and soon they had scored a try. Finally it was our kick off and and Shaniah kicked it off. We took a run for it we tackled around about 3 boys then Sela went and tackled Richard we were all cheering for her cause only she tackled him, that was wicked. Then the bell ring and we stop and we hoped that we could do better when we play viscount.

We packed up then we asked Mr Burt if we could play at lunchtime he said if we have a Teacher. We asked the year 7 Boys if they wanted a match of rugby with us they said yes. Then we asked some teachers. We saw a teacher on duty - she watched then walked away. One of the year 6 boys scored a try and Ms Squires came out she growled us, she said "Wheres your teacher then we said she's over there but she was on duty and she was doing her job". So we had to stop and play touch instead of rugby. Soon Miss V - our other coach came out and we asked her if we could play rugby. Seeing if she can watch us she came out on the field finally we played. We were having an awesome time yes we were going hard that was great Shontal got tackled I got the ball and ran for it Tui was holding me then let go cause he hit the ground I fell down when Tamati ankle tapped me then took the ball out of my hand. They had the ball we got them down then took the ball out of their hands then we scored a try.


  1. Reina this is a very interesting report about playing Rugby against the Boys. It is very honest and it is something that you are really enjoying. I am sure you are looking forward to the knock out Rugby next term and the Eastern Zone Rugby Finals coming up. Good luck!
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton.

  2. Great piece of writing Reina. You had my complete interest in what was goling to happen next. You could be a fantastic sports writer in the future, but I suggest that now you look at your recount and recraft it using the things Mrs Nua has been teaching you. Then it will be AMAZING :) Keep them coming.
    Mrs Burt