Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Wednesday it was a exciting day for a lot of us cause it was time for "CAMP KINDNESS" and I was already sorted. My stuff was all done for the first day of Camp I had just got dressed for Camp.I had a packed lunch for camp when we have morning tea and lunch. Soon I rushed off to school and went to the shop I had seen Te Rangi running we caught up with each other and ran to the school. We all helped set up the tents for the year 5's and 6's.

Year 7's were sleeping in the Marquee together Ms Nua said it was like sleeping in a Marea but this was different cause they had the boys on one side and the girls on the other side and covered the middle with a long sheet. Soon we got ready to play some cool games until we go to our next trip to waka-ama. An hour later we jumped on to the bus and took a sit it was awesome we appeared and we got set up. Just then we had done some waka-ama and after all of it we had a race we only won 2 race's but that was cool because we went to go have a feed which was some hangi.

Then we went back to the school and went in to our tent and got ready to go and have our showers. Then get on with the next story which was the next day when we go to urban beat. In the middle of the day when the lunch bell ring we had finished doing camp activities with a group called Rock up. We had lunch and went straight to the school hall . Nobody had seen nothing in the hall Suddenly all of our groups split up and found a place to sit. Finally this group of people came and sat on the stage and soon they yelled "out we are urban beat and we are going to tech you guys some dance move's. We were doing this during Yr 5 & 6 camp activities this was one of our camp activitie. It was so cool that we had just started and everyone was surprised.

And thats all I am going to share Thanks

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