Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On the first day of swimming we all got in a line and went to the YMCA pools. When we got there we went straight to the dressing rooms and got in our togs. After that we went to the shower, then in to the pools. When I went in the pool I was doing freestyle, then back stroke. When I got to the other side, we had a race competition. We only did 4 races and I had only done 2 and I won all 2 rounds. When we had finished our races we had free time. After our free time we had to get out and get change but I didn't want to but we had to go back to school. Next time we come back to the swimming pools, my goals are trying to breath under water by blowing bubbles under the water and also turning my head to the side to breath.

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  1. Hey Reina

    It sounds like you really know how to swim keep up with that because you will need the skills when your older.