Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our First Assembly...

On the first day of Assembly on Friday morning Room 20 year 7s walked in to the hall and sat down on the ground. While we were waiting for the rest of the class's Mr Burt came in and said WELCOME BACK PT.ENGLAND SCHOOL STUDENTS as he yells out happily in a excited tone. Soon Mr Burt played a song and the whole school was finally here to enjoy the rest of assembly.Soon we had to stand and sing the national anthom.

Next we had to sit and talk about our Korero and sing a new song called is it kind. We had started the Dr. Strange Awards which was Room Ten and Room Eighteen that was amazing those awards were from last year that was cool.

Finally we had moved straight on to the Duffy awards and most of them were little kids around that had just started school. Finally we started to go straight to lunch box heroes and it had been Sam that had been chosen to call out the lunch box heroes this year. Sooner or later everyone stood up and started to leave and go back to class.

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