Saturday, November 14, 2009

One day Maree and I had just came back from the beach when I saw that my Mum was crying. Maree went home and I asked what had happened. My mum just said my baby cousin and
I ran to my room. I was thinking to myself my baby cousin was only 2 years old. My mum came and explained that she had passed away. I cried for nearly the whole day I was really freaked out so we went to the hospital then we were at the place ware the people who had passed away and the family meets them I was so scared that I was having nightmares but the people who worked at the hospital didn't release her from the hospital and we had to see her on Monday although we didn't get to.
The next day came we had to go to Whangarei and see my cousin I was excited then I told my Mum I didn't have breakfast so she said can we stop at Burger king. We went to go and see my cousin and she was so happy to see us she hugged me so hard that I was about to blow up. My mum talked to us and then we went to Macs. We had a race who can eat mac nuggets first. It was cool as and the WINNER was my cousin she was so happy but then we had to go back to Auckland and go to the Marae and see my baby cousin. She looked so beautiful but I cried so much I was so sad that I didn't talk to a lot of people. The next day we went to Mangamukai and we slept there for the night then the next day I went on my Uncle Rips horse . That was cool it was a boy and I was riding on a white horse which was a alot like a wild horse well it is a wild horse. Then my cousin had came I didn't notice her until my other cousin told me she said "Your cousin is here and you need to come and see her Hurry up" Then I just said "I don't want to, I want to ride the horse and go across the creek and ride the horse in the paddock and come back" She said "You have to, you can ride on the horse later" So I said "OK". I went into the Marae and I saw my cousin she was next to her sister, my baby cousin. It was sweet and I loved her alot. I was so happy I went to see my cousin and how she was. They had talked for so long. So then that's when it happen. My baby cousin was going to get buried and we were not going to see her face again. So that day forward my cousin Jessie Ray told me if I wanted to stay over I could. So I asked and my mum said yes it was ok then. So that day was over and I woke up and my mum was there and we had to go back to Auckland. Then everything was over. I still miss her.


  1. HI Reina I think I heard that on the news as well that is really tough just trying to think of someone at that age when they die isnt well I hope that your family is still happy and safe...


  2. Hello Reina this is mum I am very happy that you can write about your feelings of your beautiful cousin Jacqui, we will miss her wont we but just know god and papa and nana are with her comforting her we will always have her in our heart.