Monday, October 3, 2011

My Conversation.

This Conversation that I made as a reflection on our inquiry learning this term . I have researched, and found some information about New Zealand
“Hi Jaarome”
“Hello Reina” she replied.
“I was wondering if you knew anything about New Zealand?”
“Well of course that’s what we have been learning this year.”
“Oh well this is a great time to ask you.”
“Yes it is, so what might you be asking me?” in reply by Ocean.
“Well Jaarome what is the Capital of New Zealand?”
Jaarome replied. “The capital of New Zealand is Wellington.”
“So what is the population in New Zealand?”
“Yes, the population in New Zealand is approximately 4.4million.”
“So Jaarome do you know one of the traditional dishes in New Zealand.” Replied Reina.
“Well one of the New Zealand traditional dishes a Hangi.”
“So Jaarome what might Hangi be?” Asked Reina
“The Hangi or earth oven is the best known traditional dish of cooking for Maori.”
“Wow, that’s unthinkable! So, what else do you know about New Zealand?”
“Well I know some All Black players and what position they play, name two of your favourite players?” said Jaarome.
“On form my favourite player is Dan Carter and Piri Weepu.” Reina said in are Releafed voice.
Jaarome says. “Dan Carters position is number 10 First five-eighths and started his All Blacks career at second five-eighths, he scored 21 points when they played against England 2004.” Jaarome replied in are big breath.
“Amazing! How about Piri Weepu?” replied Reina.
“Piri Weepu’s position is number 9 Halfback and started in 2004 season as Back up Halfback for the Hurricanes and ended it starting for the All Blacks at Millennium Stadium.”
“Oh Thank you that’s a lot of information on All Black players!” How about information about New Zealand Celebrations like Waitangi day or Matariki?”
“Waitangi day is a public holiday held on February 6th every year of the signing document- the treaty of waitangi -on 1840.”
“So what happened in 1841?”
“Well in 1841 Auckland Maori Chief's invited Governer Hobson who created the where the national day is celebrated at the city birthplace, Okahu bay Domain.”
“So I know a lot about Waitangi day, can you take me though Matariki and what it means?”
“Matariki is the Maori name for the group of stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster or The Seven Sisters and what is referred to as the traditional Maori New Year.”
“Awesome! A you in a happy mood to answer a few more questions?”
“I would be delighted to answer your intelligent questions, what might the next question be?”
“Well Jaarome what a the official languages in New Zealand?”
“There a Officially 3 languages in New Zealand, there is English, Maori and Sign Language.”
“I didn’t know one of the languages in New Zealand was Sign Language!”
“Who is a famous New Zealander, known all over the world?”
“Jane Campion, a film director, is known all over the world.”
"Thank you for sharing your information with me."

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  1. hey reina,

    What a cool conversation, I like your detail if how you wrote with expressions and symbols. pleae be sure to vist my blog.