Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts about Camp

Team 5 is having Camp next week and it is almost coming so we better get packed , it is called Camp “Take Charge”. We got into our groups yesterday the year 7 and 8’s we played a game where we had to use 8 chairs and 1 mat our whole group had to get over to the other side (at least half of the group) then we had to get across the hall without touching the ground , it was a Challenge that took a while till we got the hang of it.

My thoughts about camp a unbelievable because I couldn’t wait. Camp was about having fun and taking charge of what you take care of. My group was called Responsible’s. When camp comes up I can’t wait till Concert night that the best bit about camp. Until Camp comes we can have heaps of fun and watch a movie on the first night of Camp and wait till our Camp concert comes on Tuesday night , I wonder what it will be like? I reckon it is going to be Funny and exciting to watch.

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