Monday, August 2, 2010

Last year holidays

On the holidays last year I had an awesome time. I was happy last year on the holidays but miserable at the same time because I had to go to see my auntie at the Court house for the day. I had been waiting outside waiting for the rest of the family to come we were so upset and I had just went in with my mum then I had seen my Family coming so I ran outside to go say Hi. After we went up the elevator to see the lawyer in a small room we went in there to introduce our self's to her. I had also went inside to introduce myself as well when we finished talking about what happened we went outside and sat with the family.

Then we all went inside by the court room to wait to be called in to see my auntie but kids weren't allowed to go in because it was only a adults thing and also kids would make trouble or run around or either scream.

After we waited the parents and the rest of the family went inside the court room as I stayed outside looking after all the babies and kids. Soon half an hour later they came out and my auntie Hayley was crying she had missed her step sister. Soon we all had went outside and got ready to leave court house and go to my house and have a family meeting which was cool because everyone was coming to my house and I like playing with my cousins. When we were outside of the court house my papa had by interviewed by camera people.

When I had went to go see my auntie the bad thing was I didn't get to actually see my auntie face to face or at all till I went to see her in prison.

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