Monday, July 26, 2010

Spending Holidays at LIbrary...

In the Holidays I went to the Library with April and Shontal we had a computer that we had booked the day before. We had booked seven computers and used them all up. I went on many websites which was Facebook, Bebo also YouTube listening to songs. Every time I go on Facebook I always enjoy it because I can chat with my family on line. Sometimes I don’t always stay at the Library and decide to go next door to the Marae.

At the Marae I help my Aunty Jalayne and Aunty Georgie which is Miss Tito’s Aunty.But at the Marae its cool and I enjoy helping with the hangi. We all do hangis for the visitors that come Saturdays. We work really hard to do that just for them and we think its good for them to try something new.

In the afternoon I went back to the library and saw April and Shontal then they had there turn on the Computer. Just after there turn I got some Money and got a feed and went to Shontal’s house and called some people. But then we went back to my house to get some Clothes which was late at night walking through Glen Innes peacefully.

Then saw some of the kids from Tamaki intermediate they had went to the shop and was roaming Glen Innes. Then got home and got my clothes said bye to my mum and left. Then we saw Ocean and Tyla Baker they were in Glen Innes with Tylas mum. We went and said hi they were waiting for Tylas mum in the shop or Chemist. April, Shontal and I saw Renee Shontal’s Sister we were told to go straight back to Aprils House safely. Walking through the park taking a sort cut through there and soon getting a safe trip back to Aprils. After all that dramatic moments in Glen Innes at night with Shontal and April we went back to her house and her mum came home with a bunch of junk food It was nice as. Soon it was the next day after a beauty sleep but also cold, we went back to the library which we were going there for about 1 and a half weeks.

Finally after a whole 2 weeks we went to school for the first day of the Term which was Term 3, !!!YAY!!! where back at school for the first term I had thought in my head so quietly I am so happy but also upset I won't see my mates from Tamaki Intermediate again but that's all goods at less I see them much more offen this term. But anyway I still miss the holidays seeing my friends at the library or in Glen Innes and the Holidays doing fun things mostly going to the library in Glen Innes.

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