Thursday, June 10, 2010

KAPA HAKA On wednesday

On Wednesday our KAPA HAKA group, were practicing in the hall and decide that we should Preform outside by the staff room so we could be able to understand how it fells preforming at the Auckland Museum.

When we walked outside in our lines, the front row went first and we all lined up in our rows. Soon we stared a song which was Wairoa tapu. Soon there was a crowed of people watching us, we sort of tried not to laugh but we still got on with it and tried very hard to work for it.

Finally we had sang the action song which was Taku reo Rangatira, thats when a lot of people started to come around and watch us do our Pokana. I was not ashamed at all, I had enjoyed it and got on with it. Any way Ms T said if your shy, look at the Exit sign but we were outside so I looked at the tree.

Just then we got told to finish off the rest of lunch time.

I have preformed before and I know how it fells. I had preformed at my old school in front of adults and thousands of kids, It had been a awesome time and I had enjoyed.

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