Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kapa Haka at the Auckland Museum...

Kapa Haka

On Sunday our KAPA HAKA group performed at the Auckland museum. We were all excited and some of us were scared as well. When we were dressed in our KAPA HAKA uniforms we got ready and put our bags in Miss Tele'a's room soon we went in the staff room and had a chat. Soon went in to the hall way and practised for a while then thought of going outside instead. Finally we saw the bus and jumped in with our awesome uniforms. Some girls were scared but decided to shake the nerves away.

Once we got there, the girls that were scared, got even more scared but it turn out fine just before we walked in to the Museum. Just then we went up stairs to a room where we could put on our piupiu so we could perform in them by showing people what piupiu's are for by swinging our hips more often and get the hang of it by not being ashamed of ourselves. Just then we all went outside the room and waited for the elevator to come down so we could go and perform.

After it came down only a few people hopped on the elevator then we went up to the top of the building- finally we walked out of the elevator that's when we saw that the whole room was surrounded with glass windows. Then the rest of our group came up out of the elevator so we lined up and had a quiet practise.

We then walked down the middle of everyone and got up on the stage - that's when we got in our lines and put our hands on our hips. Heaps of people were taking photos, it was like we were famous. Just then we started and Feki had lead the song by going Karanga mai ra toruwha. Mrs Tele'a was videoing and most of us were going really hard to earn our place in kapahaka.

After that performance we did another action song which was Taku Reo Rangatira that is my favourite one. Mrs Tele'a got a close up on my face doing a Pukana. Our girls had done awesome Pukana, we all looked like true Maori.

After all of us doing our actions we went back to the elevator and went back to the room where we had put our piupiu on. We went in and took our piupiu off and tided up. Then we had some pizza and drinks. We all had a AMAZING time.
Later on we went back in to the room where we were preforming for group and sat on the ground to wait for it to finish. Soon we came back to school and went into the staff room and got everything of ours in Miss Tele'a's room before going home.

The next day we watched the news the cool thing was we were on it and here's a video of us doing some cool as Pukana.


  1. Hey Reina cool we really did well aye?
    And cool pokana.

  2. Awesome 'Pukana' Reina, you all performed with heaps of kaha and passion, well done!
    Mrs Nua