Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the Holiday...

In the holiday me and my family went to Coromandel for New year's On the first night we went eeling. My Uncle Aaron told Charm to hold the spear and wait till we find are eel, in about 2 minutes later when we were going up stream my cousin spotted a eel in the Water and eels only come out at dark time and they only love Creek water. Charm had to hold the hook on above the eel and jap it down towards it until it raps around the spear and drag it out of the water and hit it with a rock you have to hit it on the head. That was the biggest eel we had catched so far. We had catched 3 eels and 2 of the eels looked kinder small and a bit big. Soon we went back to the camp and drive back down to the bottom of the creek.

Once we started walking up we ended up at are camping spot and we were walking beside the steam we saw a huge eel coming down steam so my Uncle took the spear and went after the eel and bring it up towards us and killed it till 3 people came and said that eels name was Bob so they said do you have to kill him. We had said only if you want us to they said ok, so we did. So we took it and left with the bag full of slimy looking eels. And we went back to the camping ground and ate them the next day...


  1. Wow it sounds like you had an exciting time capturing those slimy eels.Did you cook them? I've never tasted eel but I know lots of people love them once they have been smoked I think - have you tasted them?
    Mrs Nua

  2. you really enjoyed your time in Coromandel didnt you thats awesome KEEP UP THE GREAT STORIES