Monday, August 29, 2011

Silly Sports Day.

On Tuesday the 22nd of August Term 3. All the year 7's and 8's were ready and lined up to go out to the bottom field to play some Silly games. Our Class, Room 19 we didn't know we were going to be playing games on Tuesday so we didn't bring a change of clothes. We were lined up ready to head out to the field and play some really awesome games.

Once we got there we were the first ones to the field, some girls from our class were playing a game of soccer before we started all our games. While we were waiting Mr Harris was setting up his game. When he finished we all went to where he set the game up and sat on the grass listening to his instructions. While we were sitting there he had finished explaining what we had to do then we got straight to it.

Some people got in to pairs and lined up so they could start. We had to tie a thick string around our legs with your partner and hold a teaspoon with a ball on it. I didn't end up playing that game but I was encouraging other people to finish the whole game off. While we were playing we had about a minute to finish off then we moved on to our next activity.

YAY ! Our next activity had to do with Water, it was a COOL game to play. Room 19 went to Ms Nua's Activity and all the other classes went to the next game so it was going around in a circle. Anyway, we did the same thing again which was sit on the grass and listen to the instructions to find out how to play this game. The instructions were that there were 4 teams 1-4 and we all got put in to a team. I was put in group number 2. All the groups got a bucket each full of water and an empty bucket, we had to full it up with a sponge that had water soaked in to it. Team 2 and 1 were coming in a tie we were almost done and the team that WON was team 1, they had great leadership.

Our next activity was with Ms Lagitupu's, it was Ball Tiggy, a game we all have played before. The groups were Blue, Green, Yellow and Red, I got put into Green our team didn't end up winning but at least we played. We were playing against the Yellow team and we lost so we challenge the Red team, we took the plate. Yellow and Blue were some pretty good teams but there was only one winner.

YEAH! Our final game was with Ms Tito, I didn't know what it was called but it was really funny but most of our class didn't even do it. So Room 19 didn't Participate with this game so most of the boys ended up enjoying that game a lot because they kept on having turns. The game was fun and I had enjoyed watching but not good enough to play the game.

These were all the games we had to play and the winning class was going to play with the water balloons after lunch. Room 19 didn't mind because we had no change of clothes for us to play in the water with.


  1. Hi Reina,
    Your post about silly sports sounds like so much fun. You've written lots about what happened. Which game did you enjoy the most? Keep up the great writing and I hope to come visit again soon.

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Thank you Miss Lavakula

    Oh and my favorite sport was Miss Nua's activity the water activity.