Wednesday, April 6, 2011


  1. Analyse:
  2. Average:the total of all scores, divided by, how many scores there were.
  3. bar graph:uses bars to show quantity or numbers so they can be easily compared.
  4. Circle graph:
  5. Classify:
  6. Collection:
  7. Column:
  8. Column graph:
  9. Compare:
  10. data: Collection of Information, usually gathered by observation, questioning and measurement.
  11. graph:drawing a diagram used to record information.
  12. interpret:
  13. mean:average of a number of different amounts.
  14. median:Line that joins the vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side.
  15. mode:a type of average-in a set of scores, the mode is the score that occurs the most
  16. object:
  17. represents:
  18. row:items arranged in a horizontal line.
  19. stem and leaf plot:a data display that shows groups of data arranged by place value.
  20. table:mathematical information organised in columns and rows.
  21. tally marks
  22. title:the title of your Subject.

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  1. Reina, what an excellent idea to share this glossary with the world. I am sure that when it is finished it will be an asset for learning at Pt England and elsewhere.