Friday, December 3, 2010

My Uncles and Auntys Trip from Auzie...

On Sunday My Uncle and Auntie came to New Zealand they came here for a Court case but they ended up not doing it instead they cancelled it for other Week. When my uncle Shannon and Auntie Bell came down he took me out Shopping and I got some shoes when we went shopping a few weeks later when it was guy forks my other Uncle, Uncle Aaron came and picked me and my mum up we went over to my Uncle's Father and law's house and celebrated fire works there for the year. When we arrived I went straight upstairs and sat down by my Uncle Shannon we were watching TV while the food was getting ready. Finally we called the rest of the kids to come up and have a kai after we had a mean feed we went downstairs to watch the bomb fire it was cool because the kids who were there made a man made out of stick, clothing and wool they lit it on fire and we watched it burn all the way down to the ground.

Just when it hit dark we all went downstairs we lit the fire works and I went to the car and bring out the big ones it was mean we had an awesome time. Few minutes later we lit the big ones it was other amazing experience. Soon I went to crab my fire work and I lit it I went away and it went up very fast. We stayed there for 4 or 5 hours and then went home it was a great weekend because we went to my aunties house the next day.

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